Health Insurance for people in Eastbourne

Private Medical Insurance has a range of excellent benefits and ultimately, looking after our health, and that of our families, should be a top priority.

The health conscious seaside town has seen a significant increase in people buying Private Medical Insurance, both as individuals and via their businesses as an Employee Benefit, and the demand doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.


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The key reasons for those purchasing a policy include;

  • Avoiding long NHS waiting lists
  • Securing fast diagnosis via consultations and tests
  • Choosing which specialist to see and the hospital where treatment will be taken
  • A comfortable and private en-suite room when in receiving hospital treatment
  • Access to the most effective treatments and drugs
  • Relieve pressure on the NHS

What’s covered under Health Insurance?

  • In/day-patient treatment (when admitted to hospital and occupying a bed)
  • Out-patient treatment (consultations, blood tests, x-rays, scans)
  • Cancer treatment (expensive drugs and biological therapies)
  • Therapies (physio, osteo, chiropractic)
  • Mental Health (Counselling and CBT)
  • Private GP
  • Dental and Optical


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What are the main Private Hospitals in Eastbourne? 

 There are a few to choose from but the key hospitals which can be accessed using Private Medical Insurance are;

  • BMI The Esperance Hospital (Hartington Place, BN21 3BG)
  • The Eastbourne Clinic (21 Grange Road, BN21 4HE)

There are also some NHS hospitals with private units which those with Health Insurance can access;

  • Eastbourne District General (Kings Drive, Eastbourne, BN21 2UD)

But what kind of plan is best? 

Choosing the right policy is where things can get difficult. Unlike buying car or home cover, Health Insurance requires an expert hand to guide people through the myriad of options. Those who try and tackle this themselves are typically left more confused than when they started and often find the process extremely time-consuming, whilst trying to get to grips with the technical jargon and wondering whether they’re getting value for money! 

What’s more, the recent increase in demand has meant that more sales channels have opened their doors, but regrettably those selling these policies are often tied to a single insurer, aren’t qualified or are under pressure to meet high sales targets.  

The rule of thumb should be to avoid comparison sites or call centre settings, and make sure that any advice sought is from an independent specialist that works on behalf of the customer, not the insurer!

As an expert in this specialist market, Engage Health Group can help. We…… 

  • work with all health insurers 
  • have access to the best premiums in the market
  • are independent, experienced and qualified
  • are members of AMII (Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries) 
  • are FREE to use  

If you are interested in exploring the cost of Private Medical Insurance for you, your family or your business, we would be happy to assist you with a no obligation and free market review.  


“Our goal is to offer a highly personalised broking and advice service to our customers, giving you the peace of mind that your chosen policy fits your needs perfectly and that you are supported, not just at the policy inception, but throughout the life of your plan”


Let us help you find the ideal solution

Don’t take our word

Some kind words from our clients

“We had worked directly with our insurer for over 5 years. We appointed Engage Health Group to our plan and through their negotiation, we saved £9,000 on our annual premium without having to change insurers”
International Trade business

Dubai, 20 employees

“They presented the results in an easy to understand report and gave professional advice about individual suitability for both of us.”

“They did extensive research when my husband and I wanted to review our health insurance and felt our current provider wasn’t giving us the service we needed”

“Engage have been able to transform our Employee Benefits programme into one that is both appealing to our employees and cost effective for our business”
English Language School

Global locations, 250 employees


Let us help you find the ideal solution