Morneau Shepell; Mental Health Index – The Pandemic’s impact on managers

Managers Mental Health

Morneau Shepell Mental Health Index (MHI) on managers at work

An excellent insight into how managers at work are dealing with the growing pressure of the pandemic. How they need to deal with their staff’s problems, and how it affects their overall happiness in their own job.

Employee productivity affected by the pandemic

Managers have had to deal with many new challenges. 1 in 4 managers say employee productively declined since the start of the pandemic, this increases pressure on management.

  • 15% see more productive employees
  • 26% see less productive employees
  • 57% the same

Both employees and managers indicate concern for the mental health of others at work

  • Everyone is thinking more about mental health, which is positive.
  • 33% of employees are concerned about a co-workers mental health.
  • 30% of managers concerned about the mean health of their team since the stat of the pandemic
  • It is important for colleagues and managers to act on this and check-in, talk, and point people to support, like an IEAP

Managers dealing with staff mental health issues

4 in 5 managers have dealt with a specific mental health issue with at least one employee since the start of the pandemic

  • 24% – Yes, and I have provided support or reminded people how to get support
  • 35% – Yes, I have seen concerning behaviour changes, but I am not sure what to do
  • 20% – Yes, an employee(s) have brought it up with me, but I am not sure what to do
  • 21% – No, I have not had any mental health issues come up with an employee.
  • Having no support is extremely stressful for managers
  • Shows how important it is to train manages on what to do.

Why managers considering leaving their jobs

More than 4 in 10 managers have thought about leaving their jobs in 2020

  • In a stressed environment, one of the key indicators is people looking to exit the situation
  • Managers are more at risk of turnover than employees
  • 44% of managers considering new jobs vs 28% of non-managers
  • If I the job for 1 year or less, this increases to 52% vs 33% for employees in their job for 10 years or more

More than half of managers say their role changed since the pandemic, most of those think the change is permanent

  • 58% of manages say their role has changed significantly as a result of the pandemic
  • 67% of those say the change in their role will continue after the pandemic

Why are managers looking to leave their current roles?

  • 56% Increased mental stress at work
  • 32% Increased mental stress at home
  • 31% Employers response to pandemic
  • 11% My employers response to issues of race and diversity
  • 6% Better pay / advancement – This was the primary driver pre-pandemic

Separately, 48% of all employees (managers and non-managers) indicated the reason for considering leaving their job is a mental stress factor. This was also the top single reason.

Need for employee support

Most common ask of managers is more support for the mental health and wellbeing of employees

  • 41% More support for mental health and welling of my team
  • 38% More training
  • 33% More support for my own mental health and wellbeing
  • 30% Additional policy guidance
  • 17% Nothing

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