Move Over Boris, The Bricycles Have Landed

If you’ve been out and about in Brighton the past few days, you’ll have noticed the arrival of the new “Boris Bikes”, part of a new bike share scheme that commenced in the City on the 1st September. Launching with 35 parking hubs, another 15 are to be completed by the end of the month to house 450 bikes in total once the roll out is complete.
During the opening weekend, over 1500 people signed up and organisers reported that users were taking bikes out as early as 2am on the Saturday. In true Brighton style, residents gathered along the seafront to watch Vince Venus, aka Juice FM’s Guy Lloyd, and friends demonstrate how one might try to negotiate a Life Bike in six-inch heels.
(Friend of Engage Healthcare, Vince Venus, aka Juice FM’s Guy Lloyd, at the Brighton Life Bikes launch event).
The bikes (or “Brikes” as they’re starting to be affectionately referred as) are rented by downloading the Social Bicycles app. They cost £1 to sign up and 3p per minute to use. You can find out more here: httpss:// including how to download the app, where the bikes are stationed and how to register for an annual membership.



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