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International health insurance is benefit rich as it is designed or members who are spending significant periods of time outside of their country of nationality

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Short Term International Health Insurance


International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) plans are generally designed to cover people who need healthcare cover for three months or more and are operated on an annually renewable 12 month contract.

International health insurance is benefit rich as it is designed or members who are spending significant periods of time outside of their country of nationality and so, with no state health provision to fall back on, needs to cover every eventually for a members health.

For short term assignments or fixed term contracts, short-term International Private Medical Insurance is available from some insurers.

This offering allows you to select a choice of term from 1 to 12 months to align with your requirements and it not renewable, although most are extendable up the full 12 months should your assignment or contract require you to stay on longer than originally planned.

The cover provided is also refined to offer benefits that are relevant for a short term stay, given that for most people if a serious condition were to develop then they would head straight back to their main country of residence for treatment, this helps reduce the cost of a short term plan compared to full International Private Medical Insurance. 

You may ask what the difference is between short term International Private Medical Insurance and Travel Insurance? There are a couple of important differences; firstly travel insurance is designed to provide short term emergency treatment while travelling abroad, alongside other travel benefits such as cancelled flights, lost luggage etc.

International Private Medical Insurance is designed to cover treatment for people who are relocating abroad for a period of time and offer a broader range of healthcare benefits, for emergency and also routine treatment, as well as cover should and accident or illness lead to longer term in country. Secondly; time can be a factor, some travel policies only offer cover for single trips up to 3 months, whereas International Private Medical Insurance is for longer stays overseas.

Thirdly; International Private Medical Insurance plans can offer access to additional medically focussed ancillary benefits like 24 hour medical help lines, wellness checks and support, medical second opinions, access to discounted pharmacy rates, assistance finding reputable medical professionals and facilities and access to specific hospital networks which allow direct settlement between the provider and insurer meaning you don’t need to pay and claim back.

For very short term trips of one to three months, or for specific single or multi trip cover, Travel Insurance should be considered, please review our Travel Insurance page for further details.


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