Stay Motivated this Winter

Did you know? More than 12% of gym members join in January. 80% of those will quit within the first five months and 14% will quit before the end of February. Add to that the likelihood of getting eyeballed by the current membership (56% of current members don’t like New Year’s resolutioners) it’s amazing that we even bother at all, isn’t it?

Whether you’ve had a dry one or a wet one, signed up to a new gym or turned vegan, here are some health and fitness tips on how to keep up the momentum as we head into February and beyond…

Baby-Steps Nutrition

Rather than forcing yourself into diets that are difficult to stick to, commit to a few little things such as trying two new vegetables, fruits or healthy recipes each week. Cut back on things that aren’t great for you – fizzy drinks, sugar in tea or coffee (or tea and coffee). You’ll hopefully find that other good habits will soon follow.

One-Step Fitness

Instead of setting overwhelming goals such as going to the gym before work every day, try something more mentally manageable: do one class a week, sign up for Park Run or commit to doing 10 minutes of something every day (sit ups, a quick run, anything you like).

Chill Out

Easier said than done, perhaps, and it’s been clinically proven* that if a human tells another human to “calm down” then it immediately raises both blood pressures by 82%. However, try the Headspace App for 10 minutes each morning and you might find that it sets you up nicely for the rest of the day.

*Not clinically proven in the slightest, but we wouldn’t be surprised.


Poor sleep contributes to all sorts of ailments and has a massive impact on overall health and wellbeing. Read our tips on how to improve your sleep with these easy steps.

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Nick Hale

Nick Hale

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