5 borderless benefits designed for international workforces

Is your workforce scattered around the world? If so, you’ll need to rise to the challenge of providing a consistent level of employee benefit.

Group Health Insurance, Income Protection and Life Insurance are a few of the typical policies that businesses provide to employees. They might be relatively simple to arrange for a single country, but how do you implement them for a global workforce?

One common solution is to invest in a single multi-country scheme, as opposed to buying separate national policies.

So, in this blog post we look at five employee benefits which are designed to extend beyond borders.

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1. International Group Health Insurance

UK businesses employ over 5 million people overseas.

Source: ONS

Health insurance is consistently amongst the most in-demand working benefits. But it becomes a whole lot more complicated when you’re trying to serve a global workforce. However, a single International Group Health Insurance policy can cover employees in several countries all at the same time.

This means just one policy to manage and just one person to contact for all your policy queries. This makes it a lot simpler to navigate and less of a headache for HR teams.

International health schemes are also more comprehensive than single country ones. You’ll typically get a higher level of maternity support, emergency evacuation, travel vaccinations, private doctor visits and access to top healthcare facilities around the world.

As with any healthcare policy, what’s included will vary.


2. International Group Life insurance

International Group Life insurance provides a lump sum to covered employees’ families or beneficiaries in the event of that employee passing away.

International Group Life covers multiple employees across a range of countries, all under one centrally managed plan. This provides your staff with a consistent level of benefit, efficient administration, and all done through a single contract.

The policy payout can be calculated as either a fixed amount or based on a percentage of an employee’s salary. This provides businesses with an element of cost control, which is always welcome.

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3. International Group Income Protection

Global Group Income Protection ensures employees have financial support if they fall ill or become seriously injured, leaving them unable to work. Coverage is offered on the simple basis that an employee is no longer able to carry out the functions of their job – encompassing many ailments under one cover.

International Group Income protects your international staff by paying a chosen percentage of their salary (most policies set a maximum limit of 80% of the employee’s wage).

Expect to receive a host of rehabilitation support included with the package – these are designed to help the employee return to full health faster.

This borderless benefit acts as a form of international sick pay insurance, supporting your employees all over the world and ensuring guaranteed financial security.


4. Cross-cultural training

Cross-cultural training programmes help staff learn how to handle cultural differences amongst colleagues or in destination countries. The training programme is accessible for all levels of employees – multicultural teams, business travellers, expatriates, HR teams, short-term international assignees and remote workers.

Businesses have a range of training programmes to pick from, each targeting specific needs and job roles. These programmes set the foundation for a cohesive workplace, where differences are celebrated, and problems can be managed, providing staff with the tools to navigate people’s difference.

A successful business with international and borderless teams must embrace cultural differences but also understand differences and how to manage them. Offering cultural training helps international teams stay productive and acclimatise well with different cultures.


5. International Employee Assistance Programmes

40% of companies are supporting increased flexibility over the country or office employees work from over the next three years.

Source: HSBC

International Employee Assistance Programmes (iEAPs) provide a range of employee support services offered under a single platform, addressing the health and wellbeing of your international teams. IEAPs are designed to help each employee, wherever they are in the world, to deal with work-related stresses and personal challenges.

What’s included in this borderless benefit?

  • Confidential support services 24 hours-a-day
  • Face-to-face counselling
  • Digital tools supporting health & wellbeing
  • Practical employee support for specific issues e.g., legal, childcare, financial, elderly care, work-life balance, relationships, stress, anxiety & depression, life transitions, emotional support (grief, trauma, loss)
  • Employer support for critical/traumatic workplace incidents
  • Multilingual
  • Global access

The capacity for resilience is important for anyone making their way in the world – and an iEAP is designed to help develop it.

Investing in iEAPs reflects the growing recognition that a top priority for employers is to support and protect the mental and physical health of their workforce wherever they are in the world.


Which international benefits are right for your company?

Choosing the right international employee benefits can be challenging, and knowing where to even begin is often half the challenge. As international benefits and health insurance consultants, we understand how important it is to take the time required to ensure that a benefits scheme is precision-engineered to match business and employee needs.

The award-winning team at Engage Health Group have a wide reach of global partnerships spanning 61 countries and territories meaning we can give you the best advice and the most competitive quotes on the market. By consulting with an experienced international benefits broker you can ensure you’re getting the best cover at the most competitive price point.

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Eleanor Chilvers

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