Top 4 borderless benefits for your international teams

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It’s difficult to keep everyone happy when you have a workforce in different international locations. Needs and wants vary, and cultures can differ markedly. Yet, there are certain benefits that hold universal appeal.

In this article, we outline the top four international benefits which you can offer to all your employees, wherever they are in the world. Plus, we look at the increasing trend towards disparate workforces and how that both benefits and challenges businesses.

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Why borderless workforces are a major trend in 2022

“A borderless workspace is also an inclusive workspace, one that is able to offer equitable opportunities across existing societal disparities such as gender and geography” – Ashok Krish, Global Head, Digital Workplace Unit, TCS


More and more organisations are growing their global workforces and recognising the growing responsibility they have for those employees working overseas. 40% of companies are supporting increased flexibility over the country or office employees work from over the next three years. Meanwhile, 36% are increasing the number of international remote workers not affiliated to a local office!

UK businesses alone employ over 5 million people overseas. With technology making it easier than ever for businesses to find new markets and establish international offices, those numbers are only set to increase.

Reasons for this boom of investing in international staff include the:

  • Surge in globalisation
  • Development of online communication/technology
  • The fluidity of borders/movement (pre-covid)
  • Borders becoming less defined due to technology (post-covid)

3 ways that businesses develop a global workforce

An international workforce is loosely defined as an organisation with an employee footprint in more than one country. Businesses that require international or borderless benefits will often have employees under these three categories:

  • Expatriate staff: employees working abroad, either independently or on a work assignment
  • Integrated multi-national/cultural teams: this can also be from a domestic standing, or online
  • Leadership teams/employees with a high degree of global mobility/travel – the classic jet setter!

Check out our top four borderless benefits below, showing you ways to protect your international employees and give your organisation that competitive edge.

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Top 4 international benefits for your international teams!

International Group Life insurance

International Group Life insurance provides cover for an employee under the scheme if they sadly pass away. A sum is paid out to that employee’s beneficiaries, usually family members. This benefit works well on an international level and is specially designed for companies with staff in different parts of the world.

International Group Life can cover multiple employees across a range of countries, all under one centrally managed plan. This provides your staff with a consistent level of benefit, efficient administration, and all done through a single contract.

The employer chooses how much coverage is on offer when setting up the policy. This can be established as either a specific fixed amount or based on a percentage of an employee’s salary. It’s up to you!

Benefits of International Group Life include:

  • Low-cost investment
  • Avoid setting up lots of local schemes in different currencies, renewal dates, contact points etc
  • Simplified process
  • Flexible for the employer’s budget
  • Limited medical checks required
  • Boosts recruitment & retention


(How much does Group Life Insurance cost?)

Cultural training for business 

Cultural training is an opportunity offered to staff to learn how and when to recognise the differences and similarities between cultures amongst colleagues or destination countries. It is applicable to all levels of employees – multicultural teams, business travellers, expatriates, HR teams, short-term international assignees, and remote workers.

There is a range of training programmes that can be invested in, each targeting specific needs and job roles. These programmes set the foundation for a cohesive workplace, where differences are celebrated, and problems are easily managed.

A successful business dealing with international and borderless teams embraces cultural differences and understands how these cultures add value to an organisation. Offering cultural training is a useful borderless benefit that ensures your international teams stay productive and can acclimatise well with different cultures.

(Lack of cultural competency training can impact international businesses: here’s why)

International Employee Assistance Programmes

International Employee Assistance Programmes (iEAP) are a range of employee support services all offered under a single platform, targeting the health and wellbeing of your international teams. IEAP’s are designed to help each employee, wherever they are in the world, to deal with work-related/personal issues that could have a negative effect on their physical and mental wellbeing and overall work performance.

What’s included in this borderless benefit?

  • Confidential support services 24 hours-a-day
  • Face-to-face counselling
  • Digital tools supporting health & wellbeing
  • Practical employee support for specific issues e.g., legal, childcare, financial, elderly care, work-life balance, relationships, stress, anxiety & depression, life transitions, emotional support (grief, trauma, loss)
  • Employer support for critical/traumatic workplace incidents
  • Multilingual
  • Global access

Investing in iEAP’s reflects the growing recognition that employers need to look after the mental and physical health of their workforce, fulfilling their duty of care, even more so for far-flung international employees. This international benefit boosts the overall wellbeing of your whole global workforce under one simple platform.

Benefits of iEAP’s:

  • Increases success rate of expat placements
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Boosts productivity
  • Improves mental health
  • Provides consistent/centralised plan
  • Simplifies communication
  • Lower cost compared to other borderless benefits – average cost between £5-£15 per person
  • Helps employees exposed to terrorism, social unrest, natural disasters

International Group Income Protection

This international benefit is one that is growing massively in popularity. It ensures your employees have financial support if they fall ill or become injured, leaving them unable to work. Coverage is offered on the simple basis that an employee is no longer able to carry out the functions of their job – encompassing many ailments under one cover.

International Group Income Protection protects your international staff by paying a chosen percentage of their salary (most policies set a maximum limit of 80% of the employee’s wage). It is quickly becoming one of the most desired international benefits, as Covid-19 has revealed our vulnerabilities both on a physical and financial level.

Other reasons why it is popular:

  • Can be offered in countries that don’t have a similar domestic product available
  • Supports employees based in overseas offices
  • Provides peace of mind for international staff
  • Suitable for businesses with staff in one or more countries
  • Demonstrates your care for staff

This borderless benefit acts as a form of international sick pay insurance, supporting your employees all over the world and ensuring guaranteed financial security.

Which international benefits are right for your company?

Choosing the right international employee benefits can be challenging. As international benefits brokers, we understand how important it is to take the time required to ensure that a benefits scheme is precision-engineered to match business and employee needs.

Key considerations include:

  • Company culture
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Age of workforce
  • Volume of expatriates
  • Global mobility
  • Job roles
  • Budget

If you’d like to fast-track the process of pinpointing the best international benefits for your global teams, contact the team at Engage. We have more than 30 years of combined experience in designing, sourcing and implementing international benefits schemes for companies of all sizes.

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