Top Five Bucket List Items

Often rather morbidly referred to as a Bucket List (quite literally, a list of things to cross off before you ‘kick the bucket’), whether it’s seeing the Northern Lights or running a marathon, many of us have a list of must dos that we want to achieve or experience in our lifetimes. Here is a pick of our top five…
Own Your Own Business
In an age when we want more flexibility and less answering to ‘the man’, owning your own business can seem like a perfect solution and a great addition to your bucket list. The pitfalls can be uncertainty, loneliness (at least in the early days) and you may not have as much flexibility as you first imagined, having still to answer to customers and clients without the protection of a team to fall back on. The advantages are that you have more choices and are able to make decisions for yourself and your company. You get to build something, and with a bit of luck could go on to help people and maybe even make a bit of money.
See the Northern Lights
Among the best places to see the Northern Lights are Alaska, Denmark, Iceland, Scotland, Canada or Finland. The best time of year is late November to March, as solar particles collide with atmospheric gases to create colourful curtains of stunning light. However, you can’t always be guaranteed a show as cloud cover can often impinge a trip and you may end up stood in a field at 2am staring at a dark sky. Still, there’s always Google Images.
Solve a Rubik’s Cube
As of September 2017, fifteen-year-old Patrick Ponce from the USA holds the record for solving a Rubik’s Cube the fastest, at just 4.69 seconds. If you fancy having a go yourself and adding this to your bucket list, you can follow this handy step-by-step guide.
Learn another Language
In order to bag the highest paid jobs, the most popular languages in the UK to learn are Mandarin, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, French and Arabic. However, if you have ‘Travelling the World’ on your bucket list you may want to rank Spanish higher up your priorities as Chinese, Spanish and English are now among the top 3 most spoken languages in the world.
Fly Standby to a Random Destination
It takes some confidence to do this, and perhaps a deep breath or two when packing, but not only will you often save on flight costs by turning up to an airport and letting the standby gods decide, you’ll also hopefully end up experiencing a destination outside of your comfort zone and an experience to tell your grandkids.



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