Why use a Health Insurance broker?

8 main benefits of working with a heath insurance broker – like Engage Health Group


1. It’s Free 

We get paid by way of a commission which is usually already baked into the premium you pay, therefore, if you’re going to be paying for our service anyway, you may as well enjoy the benefits of it! 

2. We’re whole of Market 

We partner with all insurers/providers in the market, which means we can give a full picture of the best service, price, benefits and find a solution which fits your needs perfectly.  

Our relationships have been built upon over many years in the industry, and the expertise derived from this is passed on to our customers. 

3. We’re independent health insurance broker

As we work with all insurers and providers, we aren’t constrained by having to recommend a single insurer or product. 

Agents who work for just one insurer cannot give you a balanced and impartial view, and they’re duty bound to sell only their products to you, irrespective of whether your needs could be better met elsewhere. 

4. Advice driven, not sales

Nobody enjoys being on the receiving end of insurance sales patter, but regrettably, the number of channels which operate in this way has increased over time. 

We adopt a fully consultative approach with the sole purpose of placing our customers in an informed position. And remember, if you have an existing policy, we aren’t under pressure to transfer you to an alternative insurer/product. 

5. Continued Service

The part of the process where we recommend a policy for you is just the beginning. 

The reason that our customer retention rate is so high is because of everything that happens beyond this point.   

First class service, attention to detail, annual reviews, assistance with claims disputes and admin issues is the minimum you can expect!

6. We’re regulated

We are Directly Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  

That means that we are trusted to give “advice” to our customers.  Agents that work for just one insurer are not regulated in the same way and can only discuss their own specific plans, and not how they compare to others in the market.  Impartiality breeds integrity!

7. Customer advocacy

In basic terms, we work for the customer, not the insurer.  If there is a claims dispute, we work on behalf of the customer.  

If there is a complaint, we work on behalf of the customer.  If there is a service failure, we work on behalf of the customer.  

Agents who work with just one insurer aren’t free to express themselves in this way, and regrettably, they must support the insurer when it comes to the crunch.

8. We’re experienced in the health insurance and employee benefit market

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we love it!  

Having miles on the clock goes a long way in our industry, and the broad network of senior contacts we’ve built over the year’s means we can get things done.  

What’s more, we’ve seen every example of bad salesmanship and corner-cutting there is, meaning we put things right if need be, and help you feel assured that we’ve got your back.


Engage Health Group is a UK based health insurance broker and employee benefits consultancy, offering expert, impartial advice to both individual and business clients. With access to all insurance providers in the UK and in the global market and with no allegiance to any, we basically compare the best insurance companies for you and secure the best possible premiums. 



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