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We work across the entire landscape of employee benefits and private healthcare to source the very best quotes on the market. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll find the most suitable policies at the most competitive price.

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No<br> Fees


We offer a completely free service to all our clients. We are happy to benchmark any existing schemes to see if there is a better alternative, whether you then work with us or not.
Impartial, Market-wide Review

Impartial, Market-wide Review

We are committed to finding you the best solution at the best price by working across ALL insurers and service providers in the market. We will compile a full report of your options, along with clear recommendations.

Year-round<br> support


We won’t just work with you to secure the best possible premium at the scheme’s inception, or at renewal time – we will support you all year round.

No <br>Contracts


We will not tie you into any punitive contract. We believe there is a better way to do business which is through building long-term partnerships with our clients based on trust.

“We have been using Engage for our employee benefits for the past 4 years. We are always impressed in the level of detail of the market review conducted at renewal each year to ensure that we secure

Insurance Firm

Insurance Firm

“Engage were great at helping us understand which offerings would support our employees the most, their quotations were competitive and they provided huge support to us in making the decision and setting up the scheme. I would

Offset Architects

Offset Architects

“We received great customer service and a competitive quotation when searching for a health scheme for our business. It was then a simple process to activate the scheme for our Group when we were ready to proceed.”

Chris White

Chris White

“Engage were recommended to me and to date, I can see why. Incredibly helpful, they have made the transfer to another PMI easy and stress free.”

G. Lane

G. Lane

Get your NO obligation Quote

With a deep expertise, more than 30 years of experience and a client-first culture, our team is best placed to help you navigate the world of employee benefits and private healthcare. Here is why…

We’re free of charge. No, really.

A lot of clients find this hard to believe. But let us explain how it works.

Every insurance company has its own sales team whose job it is to sell policies. However, an independent broker can bring business the way of an insurance company without any input by the sales department.

So, instead of the sales team gaining a commission, it’s the insurance broker that receives remuneration.

“Hang on a minute, doesn’t that mean you have a vested interest in always going for the sale?”

Though this is the traditional insurance industry model, we do things differently…

We’re on your side.

Engage Health Group is recognised by the Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries (AMII) as an independent and impartial insurance broker dedicated to the highest standards.

In short, this means that the way we operate is built around the needs of the customer, and not our – nor an insurance provider’s - short-term financial interest.

Across our team we have worked directly for some of the leading insurers (including Vitality, Bupa and Aviva), and we have developed strong relationships and commercial scale across the industry.

We leverage this for our customers. And being completely independent means that your requirements are our sole focus.

For each product, and each renewal, we test the whole of the market. In effect, we make insurance companies compete for your business!

We then compile a full report of your options, along with a carefully considered recommendation.

We’re here all year.

While it would be great if every insurance policy managed itself and every claims process went as hoped, it’s not always the case. For that reason, we’re always ready to help. All you have to do is send us a message or give us a call.

If you are a business, we will also support you with building effective employee communication materials and strategies. We can even arrange in-office (or virtual) presentations for employees. This is designed to increase engagement and understanding of the benefits you are investing in and provide ongoing consultancy as your business goes through changes during the year.

We’re contract-free.

We have built our business on core values that are central to everything that we do. Our aim is to build long term, meaningful partnerships with the clients and businesses we work with.

That is why when you work with us, we do not tie you into a long-term contract. We are confident enough in our ability that we feel it unnecessary. We believe that by providing a brilliant service, you will always want to choose to work with us.

You are free to stop using our services anytime if, in the unlikely event, you feel we are failing to deliver what you need.

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