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The Importance of Understanding the Impacts of Menopause in the Workplace

According to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, around 75-80% of women of menopausal age are in the workforce, with women over 50 becoming the fastest-growing demographic within the UK’s workforce (CIPD). With this being the case, why isn’t menopause at the top of...

Lack of Cultural Competency Training Can Impact International Businesses: here’s why

Cultural competency training: what can happen to your company without it Every culture comes with its values, beliefs, priorities, behaviours, and social norms, specific to ethnicity, nationality, or religion. Culture surrounds all of us, meaning we are all products...

The Topmost Spanish Health Insurance for Expats in Spain: An inside look at Spain’s health care system

With around 5.5 million residents in Spain being expats, why Spain is such a popular destination and what it has to offer has become a hot topic. Life in Spain is extremely sought after. Its varying geography and climate, the Mediterranean lifestyle, and low cost of...

CASE STUDY – Managing Expat Risk with a Medical Evacuation Plan

How to support expats posted to developing nations in a critical medical incident A case study in partnership with Timber Trading Agency International   The number of medium to high-risk countries where expatriates work is constantly growing due to rapid...

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