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Employee Health Screening

What is employee health screening?

Employee health screening is essentially an in-depth health check which aims to provide a clear view of an employee’s overall health and wellbeing. Most health insurance policies offer the option of including a health assessment, but they can also be purchased as a standalone service.

Employee health assessments vary widely in scope depending on the selected policy and provider.

Why provide health assessments for employees?

Benefits for business

You can find an employee health assessment suitable for your workforce, irrespective of the size of your organisation or its demographic make-up. A health screening service can:

  • Help retain the most talented people
  • Help attract the best potential candidates
  • Lower absentee rates & shortens recovery time
  • Promote healthy habits, which in turn can improve productivity rates
  • Provide overall financial benefit to the organisation as a result of the above points

The financial benefit provided by employee health screening derives from how it can help reduce staff sickness by spotting health issues before they manifest in more harmful ways. For example, if an employee has raised cholesterol this can be tackled before it becomes a serious health issue.

By reducing staff sickness, business disruption and associated costs can be reduced too. Absenteeism leads to lost productivity in the workplace due to having one (or more) staff absent. And providing a temporary replacement requires time, training and investment. 

The outgoings soon add-up, as does the strain it puts on the rest of the team. This leads to increased stress levels across the workforce, making further ill health likely and may also lead to staff looking elsewhere for a healthier working environment.

Benefits for employees

Providing even basic health checks for employees can be the first opportunity the individual has had to really understand their health.  In fact, employee health screening provides ones of the strongest motivations for people to consider their current lifestyle and make meaningful changes.

One study found that 72% of people who take health assessments say they will make positive changes as a result.  

Perhaps most importantly of all, providing health screening can provide early diagnosis of an illness or disease that’s yet to fully develop, making early treatment possible and a full recovery more likely.

In summary, a health screening programme can:

  • Help protect employees from serious illness
  • Empower individuals with knowledge of their health & wellbeing
  • Provide peace-of-mind following an “all clear”
  • Include access to consultations, within some policies
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What’s included in occupational health screening?

That really depends. There exists a range of different assessment levels and associated costs, but private health screening for employees is far more comprehensive than assessments usually offered by a GP.

Basic health screening for employees

Medical History Questionnaire

Body Mass Index


Blood Pressure

Body Fat %


Heart rate

Hydration %

Height & Weight


Full health screening for employees

All of the above

Urine Analysis

Spinal Assessment

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Metabolic Analysis

Cervical Smear

Physiological Resilience

Prostate Cancer Blood Test

Nutritional Status


Resting ECG

Bowel Cancer Test

Full Biochemistry Profile

Lung Function Test

Dynamic Cardiovascular Test

Testicular Examination

Liver & Kidney Function

Chest x-ray

Thyroid Function

Breast Examination

What about mental health screening?

Mental health services are rarely included within employee health screening programmes. However, mental health support can be accessed through a variety of other means. A Business Health Insurance plan will often offer mental health assistance as an added extra, often via an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and/or standalone wellbeing app.

EAP’s are comprehensive digitally-delivered health and wellbeing platforms. They typically offer services such as remote counselling sessions, wellbeing assessments and a range of other empowering tools designed to support all-round healthy living in order to prevent ill-health from occurring in the future.

Most of the major insurance companies will usually offer an EAP – usually as an additional extra to a business health insurance policy.

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Where can I buy employee health screening services?

Most insurance providers (such as Bupa and AXA) offer health screening as an extension to a Business Health Insurance policy. This is the most cost-effective way to invest in the service as it ultimately works as a ‘bulk buy’.

However, there are specialist occupational health providers in the UK include which provide even more comprehensive employee health screening services. Specialist providers include:

Which is the best employee health screening option?

It depends on your business need and what employee benefit schemes you already have in place (or are planning to provide). A few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is it better to include health screening in an insurance policy? If so, how thorough will it be? 
  2. Do I need more specialist support? (In which case one of the specialist providers above may be more appropriate.)
  3. What is my budget and how can I ensure it’s spent wisely?
  4. What will best fulfil our employees needs and demographic profile?
  5. Are there other employee health schemes capable of providing greater return on investment?

These are just some of the issues we explore with clients.  Orchestrating an employee benefits programme can be complicated. Examining the detail is important in order to develop an employee benefits scheme where all the constituent parts work together and provide maximum value to employee and employer alike.

How much is employee health screening in the UK?

Basic health checks for employees can start from between £30 -£40 per person whereas more comprehensive health screening can range from £150.00 – £790.00

A number of factors will affect the cost, including:

  • Number of employees included
  • Range of tests/assessments included
  • Whether it’s purchased as part of a wider health insurance policy

If you need help gathering a variety quotes specific to your business, then contact the team at Engage Health Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are health screening services?

They are essentially health assessments which are provided by both public & private health services. They are designed to gauge an individual’s wellbeing and identify any areas of concern, such as heart problems, diabetes or physical injury.  There are different ways of providing an assessment including: medical scans, blood tests and questionnaires.

How often should you get health screening?

According to the NHS, people between the ages of 40 and 74 should have a health check every five years, including assessments which check for: heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and types of dementia. 

Can health screening detect cancer?

Yes, certain types of cancer can be screened for, including bowel, breast and cervical cancer. But you will need to check the terms of the screening or health insurance policy.

Which employees should we make the health assessment available to?

It’s useful to offer health checks for employees of all ages and demographics – though you may be able to offer it as an opt-in programme within a flexible benefits scheme. Of course, the older the employee the stronger the case for health checks, but medical history can also play an important role in your consideration.

How do I know which assessments are right for my business?

Engage Health Group can assist with the decision-making process, as each business and workforce will require a tailored approach. Health assessments can be broad as you require, but budgetary considerations will inevitably come into play which requires a prioritising of the tests which are most salient to your employees.

Can I have it included within an insurance product?

Yes, although it may not be as thorough as health screening services provided as a standalone policy. As ever, it’s important to check policy terms and consider how well they match with your employees’ needs.

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