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International Security Services

Who needs International Security Services?

Any business which has employees and/or business divisions in different parts of the world will need to ascertain the level of security they require to operate safely and securely. Different parts of the world – and different business operations – present different risk profiles.

For both the safety of workers and the security of the business, it’s advised that businesses make a risk assessment in any location which poses a potential threat, or if their business is likely to be a target for financial, political or other strategic reasons. Only when a risk assessment is concluded can a business be truly cognizant of the level of security likely to be required.

The best way to ascertain risk is through a professional International Security Service provider who can consider and identify the full-spectrum of potential vulnerabilities, and provide location-specific intelligence.

What duties do International Security Services perform?

International security providers are experts in gauging security risk, drawing up location-specific plans and putting in place the tools to implement them.

Services provided include:

  • Risk assessment: encompassing security, health & safety, cyber vulnerabilities, and environmental considerations
  • Contingency planning: in case of social & political unrest, terrorist activity or other scenarios which could endanger the business and its employees.
  • Event security: specific events, particularly (but not exclusively) high profile ones, in need of asset protection, security personnel, CCTV, drones or debugging.
  • Residential security: executives or employees living in potentially hazardous areas can have 24-hour surveillance and in-person security
  • Travel security: for business professionals on the move, from one location to another. Each location and route can be assessed and provided for.
  • VIP services: specialist protection for wealthy, high-profile individuals.
  • Secure courier services: extra protection for expensive, important or sensitive goods in transit.
  • Cyber security: to ensure online activity is safe and secure, and the required safeguards are in place – both technologically and in its operation.
  • Training & education: for all affected personnel to help them spot warning signs, implement best practice and know how to respond in specific security scenarios.
  • Victim assistance: in the event of an attack/robbery

The initial risk assessment will highlight the areas which need addressing. A list of recommendations will be made following the assessment and it will be up to the organisation’s decision-makers to give it the green light.

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What are the benefits of employing International Security Services?

Ultimately, any reputable International Security Service will offer expert guidance and tools which will make your business operation safer. At Engage Health Group, we work with international security specialists on behalf of business clients, pulling in a variety of quotes and managing the process from assessment, to implementation and beyond. If you need one-to-one advice on how the process works, call our professional team on +44 01273 974419

Some of the key benefits of working with an International Security Service includes:

  • Improved safety & security: for the business, its people and its premises.
  • Greater peace-of-mind: greater sense of confidence when operating in security-sensitive scenarios or places.
  • Fulfils duty of care: to all those who work for, or with, you and your business
  • Financial protection: as well as protecting people, it protects business assets too and avoids longer term financial repercussions of a security incident.
  • Saves time, safeguards productivity: by investing in third party expertise, you can focus on the business operation.
  • On-hand assistance: for further security queries and evolving security requirements.

What are the potential drawbacks of International Security Services?

Like any industry, some providers are better than others. Sometimes it’s simply a case of scale. A security service provider may provide effective security at a basic level, but then struggle to expand to more complex arrangements.

Of course, there’s a level of trust too. This can be attained if you make the right decision at the outset. However, it’s not just about security proficiency, it also relates to behaviour. For example, security personnel in active service for your company are ultimately representing it too. Poor behaviour can lead to reputational damage. Again, this is an issue of quality which can be addressed at the outset.

At Engage Health, we work with International Security Services who have a strong track-record of providing effective security to businesses and will only match you with those of the required capability.

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How much do International Security Services Cost?

Because the scope of security services is so vast, it’s impossible to provide a ballpark figure. The first step is to invest in a risk assessment, following which a quote can be offered. The factors affecting cost will include:

  • Scope of services required (number of personnel & sites)
  • Location of operation/s
  • Available budget (services can be scaled accordingly)
  • Nature of business/industry (for example, a banking operation will require a different level of security compared to a retailer)

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