Price drop? Bupa makes major changes to Ultimate Health plan

Bupa Ultimate Health

Bupa Global’s Ultimate Health Plan has sat at the top of the International Medical Insurance market for a number of years. It’s designed for ‘Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals’ – people with a net worth of $30m plus.

The product goes above and beyond what would normally be found in an International Health Insurance product. The features included in Bupa’s Ultimate Health Plan has made it an attractive proposition for those who qualify. In fact, you can argue it’s as much a lifestyle product as an insurance product.

The Ultimate Health Plan includes:

  • Post-treatment recuperation in a health resort
  • Access to the very best suites in private hospitals. For example, the private suites at the Bupa Cromwell, where accommodation alone starts at between £5,000 and £10,000 per night.
  • Evacuation for medical and non-medical emergencies (such as natural disasters)
  • An incredibly exhaustive range of diagnostics, including genetic cancer screening
  • The widest range of treatments possible, everything you would usually expect plus prosthetic treatments and transplants

The product is overseen by a ring-fenced private client service team of experienced, multi-language service specialists based in Copenhagen. Members on the Bupa Ultimate Health plan will have a dedicated contact in the team to manage all of the dealings on their plan as well as assistance in finding the best facility and booking treatment.

While Bupa’s Ultimate Health Plan is a product unlike anything else in the International Private Medical Insurance market, it came with a price tag to suit, with prices generally starting at $20,000 per person per year. Which really did limit this to the Ultra High-Net-Worth market.

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What’s new for Bupa’s Ultimate Health Plan?

Bupa Global have announced a range of product updates and what they are describing as an ‘overall significant price reduction (subject to underwriting)’. Product enhancements include:

  • Removed waiting period for health screenings
  • Added additional tests/therapies that can be claimed for under health screening such as:
    • Cryotherapy
    • Vitamin therapy
    • EMG test
    • COVID-19 antibody test
    • Stress-related therapies
    • Sports massages
    • Colonic irrigation
    • Therapy for sleep disorders
  • Dietetic guidance now available for a medical reason rather than limited to diabetes patients only
  • Footcare now available for a medical reason rather than limited to diabetes patients only

These updates help the Bupa Ultimate Health Plan retain its place at the top of the tree, amongst stronger competition from Cigna Global and Allianz Worldwide Care, who are also keen to focus on this exclusive part of the market for UK International Medical Insurance.

Have Bupa’s prices come down?

The cost of the premium will vary according to a variety of factors, but now starts at around £10,200 per person, reaching as high as £33,000. Keep in mind, this is with medical history disregarded, global coverage (US included) and all the features mentioned above – and more.

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