Exploring the health insurance market in Gibraltar: a guide for employers

A headland on Spain’s south coast, Gibraltar has been a British Overseas Territory since 1713 with an estimated population of 33,000 Gibraltarians.

If you’re an employer expanding into ‘The Rock’ then you’ll want to know about the healthcare system and the different options available when it comes to health insurance coverage.

This article is designed for companies exploring their options for providing health insurance in the country, including those seeking to:

  • Cover remote local workers in Gibraltar
  • Launch new offices in the country
  • Cover expats on assignment

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How does the Gibraltar health system work?

Healthcare in Gibraltar upholds similar standards of health as most western European countries. And like most of those countries, Gibraltarians have two main healthcare options to pick from:

  • Free public healthcare courtesy of the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA)
  • Private medical insurance policies

The GHA works as a similar model to the NHS, delivering primary, secondary and mental health care with low-cost or free access to general practitioners, specialists, and emergency care. The majority of Gibraltar’s healthcare staff are fluent in both English and Spanish, making their services highly accessible.

However, access to GHA’s services depends on a person’s official status, employment, and social security contributions.


Two ways of accessing GHA healthcare:

#1 Registering with the GHA
  • Gibraltar is a British territory so anyone with a valid UK passport is eligible for free medical care
  • Register using a fully eligible passport at the local Primary Care Centre
#2 European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • EU Citizens can access the GHA’s free healthcare too, but accessibility differs from nationality to nationality
  • An EHIC card allows for any necessary state-provided medical treatment
  • The EHIC and Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) does not cover medical repatriation, on-going medical treatment, or non-urgent care
  • EHIC cover is not an alternative to travel insurance or private health insurance!

Note: for some emergency treatments it is possible you might be transferred to Spain.



Why provide employee health insurance in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar’s public health system is generally well regarded. Eight in 10 adults rate the Primary and Secondary care they receive as being “very good”, according to a public health survey.

Nonetheless, having access to a wider range of services with shorter waiting times is still appealing. Below we have listed a handful of reasons why businesses might want to invest in health insurance for staff in Gibraltar.

  • Win the battle for talent: Competition for talent in Gibraltar is high (particularly in the growing gambling industry), so offering a strong healthcare plan will boost your attractiveness to potential candidates.
  • Fulfil employer duty of care: Fill in any gaps in Gibraltar’s healthcare system and ensure that employee’s health needs are fully looked after.
  • Provide choice to your staff: Over which hospitals they wish to receive treatment in.
  • Offer cross-border coverage for all: If coverage is provided as part of an international plan, you can support staff in multiple countries under one plan.
  • Provide staff with immediate cover: Without the need for additional delays and paperwork.
  • Support Gibraltarian staff travelling to Spain: From 1 July 2022, Gibraltarians travelling to Spain could no longer get free emergency healthcare, therefore a Group Health Insurance policy (or travel insurance policy with health coverage included) that covers Spain would be highly appreciated by staff.

Employers looking to provide comprehensive health cover for their Gibraltarian employees can opt for either a Gibraltar-specific domestic policy, or via an International Health Insurance plan covering staff in multiple countries in one policy.

Let’s look at your options…



How should you invest in a health policy for Gibraltar?

As with any global location, businesses in Gibraltar can invest in a single-country domestic health insurance scheme or a broader International Group Health Insurance policy.


Option 1: Invest in a local policy

If a company only has staff working in Gibraltar, then it makes sense to invest in a single health insurance policy covering Gibraltar only. But if you wish to cover employees across more than one country then you have a choice between maintaining separate policies or investing in a single international policy…


Option 2: Invest in a global plan

International Business Health Insurance is a private medical insurance policy designed to cover a global workforce under a single policy. It gives staff access to top healthcare facilities in multiple countries.

An International Group Health plan also helps businesses avoid the complexity of navigating different local healthcare systems, which is a big plus for HR teams.

The other important feature of international schemes is that they provide superior features compared to a one-country scheme. Features like medical repatriation, extra maternity support, 24-7 multi-lingual helplines, and assistance with chronic conditions can be included (as always inclusions and exclusions will vary depending on the policy).

What the right options for your business? Put all your questions to the international experts at Engage Health Group for FREE. Call 01273 974419 or email [email protected].



Who provides Group Health Insurance policies covering Gibraltar?

The main insurers in the region are, AXA, Bupa, Now Health International and IMG (ALC Health). While other international health insurers can provide coverage in the region, only the aforementioned insurers have agreements with the local clinics on a direct billing basis, which helps make the process a lot smoother for all involved – patient and business alike.

Navigating the international options as well as the local legislations can take time to work through.  But expert consultants, like those at Engage Health Group, can guide you through it and explain your options free of charge.



Enlist an International Health Insurance broker for free

The International Health Insurance market is complex and filled with many insurers offering different plans as they rally for the attention of businesses. Health insurance is a considerable investment, so it’s important to locate a policy that perfect fulfils the needs of your employees.

Engage Health Group’s international team can help. Our award-winning advisors can talk you through all the complexities, perform full market reviews and deliver quotes designed around the specific needs of your business.

Turning to an experienced international broker ensures you are investing in the best cover whilst lightening the load on your busy HR team.

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