8 ways that Key Person Insurance benefits your business

key person insurance benefits

“Running a successful business means dealing with tough issues – and preparing for the unexpected is one of them” – Canada Life   Each employee is important to the success of any business but there are often particular employees without whom the business would struggle to function. Key Person Insurance is a way of protecting […]

Where are your staff’s priorities in the wake of the pandemic?

Employee priorities

When it comes to providing employee benefits, the best intentions can often be misdirected. Approaching the employee benefits process as a box-ticking exercise, or just providing a blanket policy for all, isn’t the best route to go down. This article looks at current employee priorities when it comes to benefits, reflecting on how the pandemic […]

FREE report: The employee’s perspective on workplace health and wellbeing

Engage employee survey

We surveyed hundreds of UK employees spanning a wide range of sectors and industries from retail to professional services. The results tell us about employees’ priorities in the wake of the pandemic and how well companies are meeting demands. In our FREE 19-page report you will discover answers to the following questions: What are employees’ […]

How to keep employee benefits simple in the age of the global workforce

Employee benefits global workforce

Today’s HR teams face the challenge of handling increasingly disparate staff. While much attention is paid to the rise of remote working – and the challenges that poses – less is said of the increased international spread of workforces. In this blog post we examine the driving factors behind this trend, the impact it has […]

Top 4 borderless benefits for your international teams

international benefits

It’s difficult to keep everyone happy when you have a workforce in different international locations. Needs and wants vary, and cultures can differ markedly. Yet, there are certain benefits that hold universal appeal. In this article, we outline the top four international benefits which you can offer to all your employees, wherever they are in […]

Fitness February: Engage takes on Hooray in office step-count challenge!

Fitness February

It’s been a couple of weeks since the beginning of our Fitness February competition in the Engage office and we can confidently say that it’s been well received by our teams. The YuLife step-count challenge was first introduced by Hooray Health & Protection Director Charlie Cousins. Charlie set the scene for the competition, introducing his […]

A beginner’s guide to financial and non-financial rewards

non-financial rewards

To make employees engaged and productive, it’s essential to recognise their contributions and successes at work. Providing financial and non-financial rewards to staff and ingraining this into the work culture is a great place to start. Reward and recognition are now a must-have for retaining or attracting top talent. However, there is a huge range […]

Time to Talk Day: What is it and how can you get involved?

time to talk day

What is Time to Talk Day? Who’s involved? And what’s it all about? February 3rd 2022 has been marked as Time to Talk Day! It is a national day set up by mental health charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, in partnership Co-op with raising £8 million to help bring communities together in improving mental […]