Aviva Launches Mental Health Toolkit for Line Managers

mental health toolkit 2021

Insurance provider Aviva have gone the extra mile in their wellbeing services with the launch of a mental health toolkit available for line managers in 2021! The toolkit includes a range of bite-sized video training modules, developed by CBT clinics, alongside a Wellbeing Library with downloadable information and accessible guidance.

The Mental Health Toolkit is targeted to help Group Protection clients manage their workplace wellbeing

Aviva ensured it would be available across all 3 product lines: Group Life, Group Income Protection, and Group Critical Illness.
Both the Aviva Mental Health Toolkit and the Wellbeing Library help managers spot changes to increase the occurrence of early intervention. In short, this support provides managers with the confidence they need to carry out difficult conversations with employees and create a positive wellbeing environment.
So, let’s dive into what Aviva has produced!

Aviva Line Manager Toolkit for Mental Health – new in 2021

  • 7 bite-sized video training modules & downloads
  • Learn how to spot warning signs of poor mental wellbeing
  • Adaptable to physical and remote working environments
  • Examples scenarios
  • Easily accessible at all times & can revisit

The 7 modules of the Aviva Mental Health Toolkit include: 

  1. Mental Health in Workplace: helping line managers identify employee behaviours / implement early intervention
  2. Changing Behaviour: teaching how to spot early warning signs of poor mental wellbeing – both physically and remotely
  3. Difficult Conversations: how line managers can feel more confident in supportive conversations with employees
  4. How to Respond to a Crisis Situation: content to help line managers identify a crisis, increasing their confidence in response & taking effective action – crisis contact car with information on who to alert and guidance
  5. Adapting and Adjusting in the Workplace: guidance on the reasonable adjustments that are needed to support employees to stay and return to work
  6. Looking after yourself: how to recognise and respond to your own mental health needs
  7. Signposting: understand the difference between signposting and giving advice – knowing what available support is already in place both externally and in the workplace


 Wellbeing Library: 

  • Accessible through the Aviva DigiCare+ Workplace app / Wellbeing Library online via a shared link
  • Guides, tools, tips
  • Categorised modules e.g., Financial Module: articles covering budgeting, how to avoid financial scams, how to build up money
  • Support on different issues incl. relationships, money, work, mental and physical health conditions

“Supportive line management is a critical part of an employee’s satisfaction at work and managers are often either the first port of call within the workplace or the first to notice changes at the outset of an employee’s declining mental health.”
Sophie Money, group protection wellbeing manager Aviva
As an insurance provider, Aviva aims to target as many employees as possible, to establish inclusivity in their offers. The Aviva Line Manager Toolkit works for any type of organisation – those without internal resources and those already with a dedicated HR/wellbeing department. The mental health toolkit can be adapted to fit any organisation’s style and needs!
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