Canada Life introduce “We Care” proposition across Group Risk product lines

When businesses consider the likes of Group Life, Group Income Protection and Group Critical Illness for their staff, it’s fair to say that their motivations are predominantly formed from concern of the worst happening, and protecting their people in that event.  

You certainly couldn’t accuse the Group Risk market of being overly sexy and engaging.  In fact, when one imagines the discussion the Employee Benefits Advisor has with their client, you can’t help but envisage the drab, stony-faced scenes at the beginning of The Matrix in which Agent Smith interrogates Keanu Reeves; “Are you sure a benefit term of 2 years will be enough, Mr Anderson?”

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of focusing purely on the stark protection elements of these products, insurers developed a range of services which employees could actually utilise when they are alive and well? 

Enter Canada Life’s “We Care”, offering a range of FREE additional employee benefits for companies which purchase ANY of their Group Risk products, including Group Life, Income Protection and Critical Illness. 

Available solely via Canada Life’s CLASS range, employees will now have unlimited access to the following tertiary services.  What’s more, the additional services are available to every member of the employees’ immediate family as well as all staff within the organisation, even if they are not included on the insurance cover! 

So what do employees now have access to?


Virtual GP Consultation

Speak to a GP over the phone or via video call from the comfort of your own home. 24/7, 365 days of the year with no limitations on how often an employee calls.


Second Medical Opinion

Access to over 50,000 leading consultants worldwide, offering expert second opinions on diagnosis and treatments for almost any condition.


Smoking Cessation

A team of specialists to support employees all the way, helping to set goals and give tips to beat smoking.


Mental Health Support

Anxiety, stress and depression are just a few health difficulties many people suffer from.  Up to 10 therapy sessions to guide employees in the right direction.


Burn-out Prevention

Addressing symptoms as early as possible is the best way to beat it.  Up to 10 sessions with a specialist to assist with coping mechanisms and reduce stress.


Life-events counselling

If an employee is suffering bereavement, going through a divorce or has had a traumatic experience, talking to someone can help.  Up to 10 personalised sessions with an expert means staff can get the right support.


Healthy Diet at Work

A professional nutritionist can assist employees in devising a personalised diet plan, plus top tips on staying healthy when eating out.


Get Fit Programme

Four or eight week get fit programmes with a specialist, providing a structured exercise regime.

With all of these great benefits, it’s easy to forget that they are additive to the core insurance purpose of protecting the lives and health of employees. But that’s the point really.  It’s sensible to put measures in place to protect ourselves against the worst happening, but now employers can feel good about mundane insurance plans in the knowledge that their teams have access to a range of genuinely useful additional services.

There are lots of Group Risk insurers now bucking the associated image of their industry, and this can only be a good thing, as ultimately, it means more employees and their families are protected.


But I can only show you the door Neo, you’re the one that has to walk through it!

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