Cigna Global to end use of physical membership cards

Cigna Global Physical cards

Cigna Global Health Insurance Provider replacing physical cards with digital ones

Leading International Health Insurance provider, Cigna Global, has today announced that they have made the decision to no longer issue physical cards to members purchasing their International Medical Insurance products. Instead, Cigna Global will be providing their digital ID card as standard, which can be accessed via a members secure online Customer Area.

For the last six months Cigna Global have been unable to issues customers with physical cards due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as their teams continue to work from home. They state that this change has been well received by existing customers on their Worldwide Health Insurance plans and has led them to review whether this should be made a permanent change.

Cigna Global state the benefits of this move include; better serving the evolving needs of their clients as they pivot to a digital preference, the reduction in environmental impact, and the benefit of no longer having to worry about losing their card.

This means that moving forward new sales and renewals where a customer has made relevant changes to their policy, Cigna ID cards will only be issued digitally as standard across all of their International Health Insurance plans. Customers can continue using their physical cards unless they advise that the content included on the card has been updated and is no longer valid. The only exception to this will be Cigna Global Health Indonesia customer who will continue to use physical cards in al instances.

Cigna Global Digital ID Cards

Cigna Global state that their digital Cigna ID cards work in the same way. Members with a digital card can;

  • Allow a hospital to set up direct payment with Cigna Global so they can pay for the medical bill
  • Use their personal reference number to access all of their online information and services
  • Get in touch with Cigna Global. The digital cards features all the contract details required to reach the Cigna Global teams, anytime, anywhere.

The additional advantages of their digital card include;

  • It is available from day one of the international Health Insurance uk plan
  • Provides a secure way to source plan information
  • Information is always accurate and up to date
  • Less plastic production and carbon production in delivery is better for the environment

Digital cards are available on Cigna Global’s secure online Customer Area. To access this customers can visit then:

  • Click on the ‘Customer Login’ button at the top right of the page
  • Enter the email address provided on application with and then their password

IMPORTANT NOTE: The policyholder, if applicable, must login to their secure online Customer Area and access beneficiaries cards on their behalf.

While this is now Cigna Global’s standard stance across their range of International Medical Insurance uk plans. If members have a strong preference to keep receiving a physical card, this can be accommodated, once the Cigna Global teams return to the office. Members just need to inform their intermediary who can arrange this on their behalf.

For more information on this announcement, or to discuss Cigna Global’s range of International Health Insurance products, please get in touch.

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