Engage Health Group Offers Free Health Cover to Brighton-based Suicide Prevention Charity

Engage Charity Health Fund extends free health cover to all employees of Grassroots Suicide Prevention.

Funded by employee benefits specialist, Engage Health Group, the fund is designed to provide employees of small charities with free dental and optical care, physiotherapy, massage, virtual GP, CBT and counselling services.

Employee benefit provision is commonplace in the private sector and has become a big area of focus in recent years, with many companies designing their benefits strategy specifically to attract and retain the best calibre of staff.  An attractive benefits package has also been proven to improve productivity and morale, and to drive higher levels of employee engagement and loyalty.

Ian Abbott, Director at Engage Health Group commented,

“1 in 5 people think about suicide in their lifetime, and 1 in 15 go on to attempt suicide. Those numbers shocked me when I read them. It makes me even more grateful that we have fantastic charities like Grassroots Suicide Prevention to support people in need, educate, and influence change to help bring those numbers down. The work they do both locally and nationally is incredibly important and we are very pleased to be able to play a small role in supporting their team.”

Grassroots Suicide Prevention is a Brighton based charity with a simple but powerful goal: that no one should have to contemplate suicide alone. Their approach is to get people talking openly and effectively about suicide. Grassroots aims to break the stigma and teach people to identify those at risk in order implement effective suicide interventions.  Their work involves a combination of evidence-based suicide prevention and Mental Health First Aid courses, as well as their pioneering Stay Alive App.

Alex Harvey, Head of Development at Grassroots commented,

“By empowering individuals, organisations, and communities to keep themselves safe from suicide, Grassroots helps to prevent suicide and the devastation it leaves behind. Our success in this mission largely depends on our team’s hard work. They work hard because they’re passionate about preventing suicide – but also because they feel valued as employees. Given the intensity of our workload and our small size, when staff are unwell or absent we feel it – more so than a bigger organisation with greater resources and disposable income. It can potentially halt ongoing projects and restrict future development. The Engage Charity Health Fund will mean Grassroots can put sustained physical and mental health support in place, supporting our team’s needs, and ultimately helping us to prevent suicide.”

You can learn more and support Grassroots by visiting their website: https://www.prevent-suicide.org.uk/

Engage Health Group specialises in UK and International health insurance as well as the broader Employee Benefits landscape, as an independent whole-of-market brokerage and consultancy.

For more information contact: [email protected]

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