Improve Your Health at Work

Improve Your Health at Work

According to a recent report Britons spend 12 years of their lives working (plus eight years shopping, 30 hours crying and 368 days in the pub). It’s no wonder time spent at work can take its toll on our mental and physical well-being – from eye strain to back problems to piling on those extra calories each time a birthday comes around. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and well whilst at work.


Conscious Snacking 

Whether it’s the communal table that houses the office treats or that week in July when everyone seems to have been born, the treats on offer in the workplace can soon add a couple of hundred calories to your daily intake. Snacking regularly on healthier options can help you to stay full in between meals, keep your metabolism up and dissuade you from reaching for the Maltesers every time you pass by on your way to the loo.


Staying hydrated

Eight to 10 glasses of water a day can help you to keep hydrated and many foods are a good source of water too; watermelon, oranges, grapes and apples can all keep you healthy and your hydration up. Bring a water bottle into work and try to fill it up at least once before lunch, then fill it again and finish it before 3pm and then again before you leave for the day. Set your computer or phone alarm to remind you. Drinking more water may also help you to feel more awake and alert.


Keep Moving

Not only will this help burn the calories, getting out for a walk at lunchtime can also help you to de-stress and mentally take a break from the workplace. Take the stairs rather than the lift, park further away from the office (or cycle/walk/run in!) and remember to get up and move around regularly throughout the day.


Workspace Assessment

Ask your employer for a review of your desk or work area to ensure that everything (including you) is positioned as it should be. This is also very important if you’re in a job that requires heavy lifting or demands any physical activity. The damage you do now could last well into your retirement so make sure you start as you mean to go on.


Take a Holiday

They say a change is as good as a rest, but a rest it also pretty good so make sure you take the annual leave allowance you’re entitled to and switch off completely. With wifi on planes now and Smartphones constantly in our hands it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take a mental break from work and studies show that not doing so makes us less productive overall. Don’t feel guilty for taking a break (and don’t worry too much as we also spend 13 years listening to music, which sounds rather lovely).


At Your Service

Investing in the right health insurance policy for you, your family or your employees is a great way to ensure that you’re prepared should anything negatively affect your health, which could be out of your control.  At Engage Healthcare, we work with the UK’s leading health insurance providers to find the best policy for you, at the right price. Get in touch for a no obligation quote.

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