CASE STUDY – Managing Expat Risk with a Medical Evacuation Plan

Medical Evacuation Plan

How to support expats posted to developing nations in a critical medical incident

A case study in partnership with Timber Trading Agency International


The number of medium to high-risk countries where expatriates work is constantly growing due to rapid globalisation. This is a promising fact, but the actual employees could be exposed to different variety of risks from natural disasters, diseases to kidnapping. When expats live abroad they can suddenly fall ill or catch a virus and may require a medical emergency evacuation by air ambulance. The fact is that multinational businesses need to prepare for the worst.


About the case study:

In this study we look at a small international company (Timber Trading Agency International) with staff in India, UK, Lebanon and Ghana and get a detailed insight into how they responded to an increasingly anxious workforce and how they implemented a comprehensive employee support program. This aimed at protecting their international employees in the case of a medical emergency, particularly due to the growing pressure of the COVID-19 outbreak, both in terms of the increased risk of infection and the pressure on local healthcare systems

Thanks to Engage’s guidance, the client was able to quickly communicate coverage changes, rollout enhanced benefits, and promote and support new technology to overcome emerging issues. Furthermore, they implemented a COVID-19 emergency evacuation plan across an employee base spanning 4,700 miles, four time zones and some of the lowest quality healthcare in the world, to support a particularly vulnerable employee based in rural Ghana.

Eva Maguire, The General Manager of Timber Trading explained “Engage Health Group have been very helpful with our members, many of whom are based in third world countries. They have solved the problems raised regarding the COVID pandemic especially relating to evacuation if needed.”

Download the full case study to learn what your business needs to consider in terms of expatriates support in a critical medical incident.

The case study covers three sections:

  1. Identifying the need for an urgent Employee Assistance Programme
  2. Critical support & risk planning when the covid-19 pandemic hit Africa
  3. Driving tech solutions to help Timber Trading’s expat support all around the world
Judit Ruckes

Judit Ruckes

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