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New home cardiac assessment service launched by Bupa

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There has been growing concern amongst cardiologists of late that thousands of people may be putting themselves at greater risk of long-term heart damage, having put off obtaining medical help during the pandemic.

As a result, Bupa UK has launched a new home-assessment cardiac service, which is designed to provide fast diagnosis of heart conditions.

The service has been piloted successfully in London and offers customers a video consultation with a cardiologist within 36 hours.  This follows a member contacting the Bupa claims team in the usual way and being triaged via their specialist team.

If it is deemed that further investigation is needed to provide a firm diagnosis, the latest electrocardiogram (ECG) and pathology test kits are sent directly to the customer’s home and a further video consultation is then arranged to discuss the results.

It’s hugely important that anyone suffering with cardiac symptoms, such as palpitations or discomfort, doesn’t delay seeking the appropriate medical advice.  During the pandemic there has been a significant reduction in the number of people seeking medical advice, and a general reluctance or inability to access medical support.  And whilst hips, knees and related conditions can safely wait, some things shouldn’t be put on hold.

This is yet another fantastic innovation from a leading insurer, acting to make the patient journey more convenient and efficient.

There has been a real drive from Employee Benefits providers in the last few months to adapt and ensure that their customers can still access services from the comfort of their own home, and this initiative is a great addition.

This new cardiac service is part of Bupa’s enhanced range of remote health services, where customers can get advice from nurses on everyday health concerns, treatment from GP’s, physios, mental health therapists, and fast access to diagnosis and treatment for critical conditions such as cancer, and mental health.

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