The International Tech Pool

Global Health Insurance for start-ups and tech companies

Award-winning broker, Engage Health Group, has teamed up with Allianz Care to provide a first-of-its-kind International Health Insurance scheme designed for UK start-ups and tech businesses.
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Our group manage over 500 businesses employee benefits UK and globally

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Covering over 50,000 employees across the UK & Internationally

Fairer premiums for tech companies

Start-ups and tech companies often get a raw deal when it comes to international health premiums. They usually get lumped together in a risk pool with other industries made up of higher risk businesses. The end result? Inflated premiums!

That’s why we sat down with our good friends at Allianz Care to work out ways of tackling the problem. What if we could create an exclusive risk pool? One consisting only of tech companies and start-ups? And so, The International Tech Pool was born, offering a fairer premium to all those who qualify.

Covers employees in different parts of the world

More and more tech companies are employing expat workers, overseas local nationals or even opening global offices. But how do they ensure all employees get the same level of health cover without getting entangled in a complex web of local health regulations? 

Under our International Health Insurance plan, you can insure all your employees under one policy. Not only is it more cost-efficient than comparable solutions, it also cuts back on admin for HR. And with our feature-rich plan you can attract and retain the skilled workers who drive your business.

Easier to set-up and implement
Simpler than managing separate local health schemes
Superior features and service
Tailorable to the specifics of your international set up

Superior coverage compared to a domestic policy

A typical domestic health insurance policy will usually include: consultations, tests & scans, operations, hospital stays, cancer treatments, medications, mental health support and physiotherapy/osteopathy/chiropractic treatment.
International policies provide all of this, plus a whole lot more, including things like:

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Why join the International Tech Pool?

Fairer pricing

Discover lower premiums than you’ll find in comparable products elsewhere

Impartial advice

Get FREE advice from Engage Health Group’s team of brokers

No obligation quotes

Quotes are delivered without a fee or tying you into a contract

Ease of set-up

Engage will help your business set-up and implement the policy, massively reducing your admin burden

Claims assistance

We’ll be on-hand should you need any help making a claim

Annual reviews

We perform yearly reviews to ensure your policy is still delivering value for money.

Ongoing assistance

Our team will be happy to make your call whenever you have a query.

Superior coverage

International Health Insurance provides extra benefits than a one-country policy

Award-winning broker + leading global health insurer

Engage Health Group is an independent employee benefits broker and winner of two awards at the Health & Protection Awards 2022. Our goal has always been simple: to deliver maximum value to the business clients we work with and push for better in the health and protection market.

We first introduced the idea for The International Tech Pool to the Allianz Care team in 2020. Allianz were immediately excited by the prospect of building a product around the needs of these companies while providing superior value in the process.

Allianz has one of the largest medical networks in the world with over 1,300,000 providers across 195 countries. Their multi-lingual and multi-national expertise made them the perfect partners for delivering a radical new way of doing international healthcare. 

Together we’re keen to push the boundaries of what’s possible in international healthcare. This is just the beginning!

Best International Corporate Client Advice Firm
Best Group Healthcare Adviser

Who can join the International Tech Pool?

If you’re a tech business with employees in more than one country, there’s a good chance you will qualify for the scheme.

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