Here’s how an International Health Insurance broker can help…

A good International Health Insurance broker provides impartial advice to any individual or business looking to offer health coverage to its global employees. 

Brokers can be the make or break factor in the success or otherwise of a global health plan.

However, all brokers have their own ways of operating – some offering their services for free, others charging, and all with varying levels of expertise across different countries.

In this blog post you will learn:

  • The role of an International Health Insurance broker
  • How the business model works
  • The benefits of employing an expert broker
  • Real-life examples of how a broker can help

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What does a Global Health Insurance broker do?

A health insurance broker should be dedicated to the needs of its clients – rather than the interests of an insurance provider. A broker’s mission is to find you the best policy at the right price point by using their connections with numerous providers and their knowledge of the industry. 

For example, there are several elements to the service at Engage Health Group:

  • Initial discussion and fact-finding: Businesses come to us with various questions related to the global health insurance market. It usually centres around how such policies work and how much it costs. We provide all our answers in plain English.
  • Advice and guidance: We advise clients about the best route forward after we’ve learnt about the business’s needs and scope of coverage required. 
  • Delivering quotes: We gather policy price-points from across the whole market, tailored to the needs of a business.
  • Claims assistance: We assist with claims, should any disputes arise or any further guidance be required.
  • Review policies: We review global healthcare policies to ensure they are providing value for money by comparing against other policies on the market. We will highlight any better, more cost-effective, alternatives.

Launching or reviewing a global health insurance scheme is a daunting and time-consuming process for HR departments. But a broker can ensure the process runs more smoothly.  

Insider tip: Brokers are usually paid a commission by the insurance providers meaning their services can be provided free of charge to the business. Look out for any brokers that come with their own fees – these are ones to avoid! Also check if they are members of the AMII as this shows they are dedicated to providing impartial advice and are not tied to an insurer.



Why turn to an International Health Insurance broker?

The International Health Insurance market is full of insurers competing for your attention, all claiming to have the ideal policy for your business. International Healthcare is a considerable investment and that only puts more pressure on HR teams to achieve return-on-investment.

A reputable Global Health Insurance broker can:

  • Increase you chances of finding the optimal global healthcare policy
  • Reduce the time and stress involved in searching for and managing policies
  • Ensure you budget is spent wisely

Below we have listed a few issues that can be encountered when looking into International Health Insurance for your staff: 

  • Location-specific requirements: Different countries can pose specific challenges that need to be addressed. For example, in the UAE it is essential to have health insurance in order to obtain a work visa. Meanwhile, in the US, health insurance is mandatory for many employers
  • The range and breadth of global insurance providers: There are a huge number of global health insurers, each with different policies and expertise in different territories.
  • Vast number of products and options: There are potentially thousands of product combinations, exclusions/inclusions and price points to consider.
  • Choosing between domestic and international policies: In some cases, opting for separate domestic policies could be better than investing in a global scheme. Brokers will balance up cost factors, compliance requirements and how best to simplify its administration.

International Health Insurance brokers will essentially take on the heavy lifting to remove as much stress as possible from the process. 

Further insights: How to gather the best International Health Insurance quotes. 

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What are the benefits of using an Global Health Insurance broker?

The surge in companies employing talent from around the world has led to increasingly complex demands on HR teams. And this trend is set to continue. So, how do employers ensure that all employees are equally supported wherever they are in the world? 

Here are some of the key benefits of employing an International Health Insurance broker:

  • Global market-wide quotes: An independent broker is constantly reviewing policies available in the global healthcare market, providing the pick of the bunch to you. 
  • Free expert knowledge: Receive expert knowledge on each insurance company’s terms and conditions – all relayed clearly to you, entirely free of charge.
  • Country-specific knowledge: Gain detailed knowledge on how different health systems operate, what the statutory requirements are and more.
  • Personalised approach: Brokers take the time to fully understand the unique requirements of your business, leading to a plan that fits your specific needs.
  • Broader employee benefits advice: A broker like Engage can also advise on other areas of workplace benefits, including protections schemes, EAPs, corporate wellness, cultural training and more – and explain how they all fit together.
  • Policy implementation: Some brokers also help implement schemes – providing educational materials to employees and generally help onboard employees to ensure they are fully aware of the benefits they have and how to use them.
  • Claims assistance: If there are any disputes with an insurer, a broker can take it up on your behalf.
  • Independent expertise: Assuming they are an impartial broker, you can be assured they are working in your best interests – and not on behalf of the insurance industry!



Examples of a global health insurance broker in action

The Engage International team work with a wide range of clients across various sectors, offering expert advice and industry experience. To share more insight into what we do, we’ve provided a few revealing testimonials from our client-base.


Global hiring specialist and Employer of Record, Remote, has worked with Engage on its global medical plans. 

“They helped us establish a comprehensive medical plan that covers our employees globally, with competitive and flat rates. Additionally, they act as advisors, providing us with valuable guidance on best practices in countries where we lack local knowledge.

“Engage Health’s expertise and network of brokers have been instrumental in navigating the complex world of global benefits. They match us with brokers who share our values and goals, ensuring that we have the right coverage and support for our employees worldwide.

“We highly recommend Engage Health for their exceptional service and expertise. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Joana, Senior Expert, Global Benefits Strategy and Design, Remote

Timber Trading Agency (International):

Helping to establish a detailed benefit scheme for employees working in medium-high risk countries. 

“Engage Health Group have been very helpful with our members, many of whom are based in third world countries. They have solved the problems raised regarding the COVID pandemic especially relating to evacuation if needed.”

Eva Maguire, General Manager of Timber Trading.

Global IT Company:

Covering 60 employees in Europe/New Zealand/Australia.  

In this instance, this organisation had been quickly scaling their international tech pool, hiring remote global employees working in various parts of the world from the get-go. 

“They went out of their way to provide us with the best quote and negotiated with our current provider, they managed to increase our level of cover and drop the cost. They provided support during the change over to the new policy and came to our office to do an all company presentation explaining how to get the best out of our cover.”


BCB Group:

Europe’s leading payment service provider.

“James at Engage was super helpful with explaining all our potential options, he understood the requirement for ensuring the level of cover was appropriate whilst also balancing financial impact.

“Throughout the process, from market review through to cover in place, there was regular and quick communication, keeping us in the loop with any developments.

“I would have absolutely no hesitation in coming to James and the team again for any future support required.”

Take a look at more testimonials here.


Reach out to Engage Health Group!

The international health insurance and employee benefits market can be difficult and confusing to navigate through. 

At Engage Health Group, we have a global reach spanning more than 70 countries, enabling us to help international clients streamline their global benefits. We offer genuine expertise and the most competitive quotes in the market. 

Contact us at [email protected] or call 01273 974419 for FREE no-obligation advice and support. 

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