Engage and Allianz launch global healthcare policy for UK tech companies

We’re excited to announce that Engage Health Group has joined forces with Allianz Care to launch a new international healthcare scheme for start-ups and tech companies!

The International Tech Pool is the first healthcare policy of its kind, promising a fairer premium than you’ll find in comparable schemes. The innovative policy has been designed for tech companies and start-ups which employ remote workers or operate satellite offices around the globe.

Rather than set up separate health policies in multiple countries, the International Tech Pool allows businesses to protect their whole workforce under one policy in an exclusive risk pool consisting of fellow tech companies and start-ups.

Engage’s International Director, Ian Abbott, believes the product will be a perfect fit for ambitious young start-ups and tech businesses:

“UK tech companies are increasingly employing overseas workers and are faced with the challenge of providing equal health support to all employees, wherever they are in the world.

“Yet, the cost of global health insurance is often inflated because their premium is calculated against the claims history of a riskier pool of businesses. We’ve created The International Tech Pool to solve that problem.”

Find out more about The International Tech Pool here.

In recent years, we’ve seen a growing trend for companies to “scope the globe” for the best tech talent, yet they often struggle to find health coverage to match. Our new product is designed to help these companies access a more affordable global health insurance premium.

Companies already using the scheme include product discovery platform, Maze, and payment service provider, Saltpay.

Paddy Lawlor, Head of Sales & Distribution, UK & Ireland at Allianz Partners, is excited by the product’s potential:

“Tech starts-ups are often at a real disadvantage compared to well-established companies in their ability to provide top level employee benefits to their employees.”

“We agreed that if we could build a comprehensive product and combine a pool of many tech start-ups we could offer an employee benefit package at an affordable premium to allow these companies to attract and retain key staff to help them grow.

“Since the inception of the Engage Health partnership we have seen rapid growth. It has massively surpassed our initial predictions.

“I am really excited to be able to keep working with a partner who is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this segment. We are already looking at adding additional lines of insurance to the offering as it keeps developing. The exciting part is that we are only getting started.”

As an independent health insurance brokerage, Engage will only recommend a policy if it fits the needs of a business. If this product isn’t right for your company, we won’t hesitate to say so.

> Learn more about The International Tech Pool <

Mel Dixon

Mel Dixon

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