Are these the most comprehensive health insurance policies for UK companies?

comprehensive health insurance

Every health insurer offers a wide range of plans aimed at different business types. On any insurer’s website, you’ll see everything from basic health policies aimed at smaller businesses, to higher cost schemes brimming with innovative features aimed at larger corporates.

We’ve compiled plans from five of the top health insurance providers, exploring the policies which offer the most comprehensive health insurance for UK companies.

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What do premium health plans typically cover?

Many comprehensive health plans cover similar territory. Some of the most common features include coverage for:

Acute conditions
Covering treatment for short-term illnesses or injuries that respond quickly to treatment and which leads to a full recovery.

Hospital charges and specialist fees
Providing cover for out-patient consultations and treatment, as well as specialists’ fees and hospital accommodation.

Treatment for musculoskeletal conditions
Offering treatment for back, neck, muscle or joint pains and issues.

Cancer cover
Coverage for cancer treatment – including radiotherapy and chemotherapy – on referral from a specialist.

Diagnostic tests
Such as pathology tests (including blood, urine, stool and mouth swabs), X-rays, CT scans and physiological tests such as ECGs to check heart health.

Increased choice

Plans typically offer a choice of consultant, hospital and date of treatment, giving employees more control over how they access treatments.


5 comprehensive health insurance policies for UK businesses

1. Aviva

Aviva is an international insurance provider that is headquartered in the UK. Their health insurance policies provide the standard out-patient cover and cancer care, and treatments for acute medical conditions.

Optimum is their comprehensive health insurance cover, designed to cover 250+ employees with quality medical treatment at the right time and place to suit your staff’s needs.

Also included to upgrade to the full package:

  • Full cover for cancer treatment
  • Mental health pathways with end-to-end services based on clinical need, clinical expertise, and a range of treatment options
  • Dental and optical
  • Hospital upgrade options – made possible by Aviva’s extended hospital list
  • Family and fertility benefit
  • Gender identity benefit – specialist support, advice, treatment and NHS Gender Identity Clinic Assessment
  • Neurodevelopment pathway
  • Digital wellbeing support tools courtesy of MyAviva
  • Ability to tailor the policy according to your business need

2. Bupa

Bupa is an international healthcare and insurance provider in the UK. Bupa offer the classic health insurance options includes in-patient and day-patient treatments, as well as an option to incorporate full out-patient cover (services and treatments which do not require a hospital stay).

Bupa has two main types of comprehensive health insurance for UK companies:

Bupa Select:

There are three variations in this product range: Select Key, Select Enhance and Select Complete. Key features vary, but depending on the package includes:

  • Health insurance cover for 250+ employees
  • Hospital charges and accommodation refunds for Bupa Partnership Network hospital stays
  • Extensive cancer cover for every stage of cancer treatment
  • Mental health and wellbeing cover – up to 28 days of treatment
  • Musculoskeletal services
  • Costs for consultations, treatment, diagnostic tests
  • Choice of underwriting options
  • Access to between 300 and 600 medical facilities nationwide
  • Menopause helpline

Bupa Balance:

  • Health insurance cover for 300+ employees
  • Fast access to core services
  • Specific health checks, including breast, prostate and testicular screening
  • Fast access to diagnosis and treatments
  • Cover for chronic health conditions, enabling access to long-term support
  • Quick unlimited appointments via a digital GP service
  • 24/7 access to Anytime Healthline
  • Access to Family Mental Healthline
  • Access to Everyday Rewards
  • Menopause helpline

3. Freedom

Freedom Health Insurance is a specialist health insurance company based in the UK. Freedom’s private health insurance covers in-patient and day-patient treatments, with various options for cancer cover.

Freedom’s comprehensive plan includes the following features:

  • Full cover for in-patient and day-patient treatment
  • Comprehensive cancer cover
  • Mental health cover
  • NHS Cash Benefit: limits £200 per night for in-patient and £100 per night for day-patient
  • Home nursing: limits full refund for up to 13 weeks
  • Private road ambulance: limits full refund
  • Pregnancy complications cover
  • Maternity Cash Benefit: limits £150 for each child
  • MRI, CT, PET scans: limits full refund
  • Generous family health deals
  • Alternative treatments, including osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy
  • Dental and optical coverage

4. Vitality

Vitality is a London-based UK health insurance company. Vitality’s policies cover in-patient and day-patient care, with treatments for acute conditions and cancer care cover. For large businesses wanting to cover 100+ employees, Vitality offer an award-winning comprehensive plan that can be tailored to specific business needs.

Vitality’s enhanced cover includes:

  • Vitality GP: access to private video consultation within 48 hours, direct referrals for onward treatment and practical wellness tips
  • Mental health tools: including Vitality Healthy Mind where employees can earn points for engaging in mindfulness activities, eight sessions self-referred CBT and counselling through Talking Therapies, and access to online mental health partner Togetherall
  • Cancer care: biological therapies covered in full no monetary or time limits, 50% discount on targeted cancer screenings and risk assessments for bowel and cervical cancers
  • Menopause support Peppy: a digital platform offering access to real-life menopause practitioners and online services dedicated to menopause support
  • Vitality Care: specialist trained team of patient-centred professionals and care consultants
  • Vitality Programmes: Providing employees with the tools to better understand their health risks and make positive adjustments to their lifestyle.

5. WPA

A not-for-profit health insurer, WPA is a trusted provider in the UK. They offer complete flexibility in their health and wellbeing plans, building schemes which can suit specific business needs.

WPA’s most comprehensive and detailed plan – Absolute Health – includes some of the below features:

  • Health insurance for 150-1,000 employees
  • Comprehensive core benefits
  • Healthcare Pathways – faster diagnosis and treatment to avoid the need for an initial GP referral
  • Extended Benefit Options: you can decide to add remote GP services, chronic condition treatment or Cash Plan style benefits (including prescription charges, and optical and dental treatments)
  • Long-term chronic conditions benefit


Beyond comprehensive!

International Group Health insurance!

Whilst you can create incredible comprehensive and detailed health insurance plans on a domestic basic, Global Business Health insurance can go even further.

As you’d expect from the name, a Global Insurance Scheme gives staff access to private healthcare anywhere in the world whenever they need it. It encompasses services such as maternity care, house doctor visits, multi-lingual helplines to essentially create an umbrella of support and healthcare for your staff wherever they are located, rather than setting up multiple different domestic policies.

Services also include:

  • Accident & Emergency admissions
  • Routine maintenance for chronic conditions
  • Congenital and hereditary conditions
  • Preventative wellness screening
  • Travel vaccinations and child immunisations
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Infertility investigations
  • Dental
  • 24/7 multi-lingual medical helpline
  • Security advice and services
  • Telemedicine / Virtual GP

As you can see, there are features here which are not available even in some of the most premium-level domestic policies.


Need impartial help to find the right premium health policy?

The most comprehensive health insurance policies are also the most expensive. So, it’s important to choose the policy which is going to provide the very best level of service.

Our expert team at Engage Health Group are always happy to discuss your options. Our impartial brokers have expertise covering the UK domestic market and the wider international market for those UK companies with a global footprint.

Rather than funnel you to a preferred partner, we’ll gather a variety of quotes from across the whole market to ensure we deliver the best available policy to you.

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