5 essential insights from our most-read posts of 2022

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and what a year it’s been! From shifting work trends, to dealing with the rising costs of living – and doing business, it’s been a challenging and transformative year. 

Now’s an opportune moment to pause and reflect. That’s why we’ve compiled our top five most-read blog posts from the year, pulling out the key lessons to be learnt from each one. 

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1. A beginner’s guide to financial and non-financial rewards 

Our number one most-read blog this year was about financial and non-financial rewards and how businesses can help their staff during difficult times. 

Financial rewards aim to motivate and inspire staff to perform well and focus on reducing money-related stress, and boosting employees’ confidence with finances. These can include performance bonuses, discount schemes, health insurance schemes and much more.

Non-financial rewards are a means of showing appreciation and recognition by addressing an employee’s personal and lifestyle needs. They can include flexible working arrangements, career development schemes and more.

Key lesson: 

The best way to create a supportive work environment is to combine both reward systems. Everyone is driven by different needs and motivations, a one-size-fits all approach just isn’t going to cut it. So find out what your employees want most!

Why read? 

This blog offers many different examples of financial and non-financial rewards, providing inspiration for the various ways your business can reward staff. 

Read in full: A beginner’s guide to financial and non-financial rewards 

2. Gen-Z are pushing for a greener approach to business: employers take note!

Next up on the list is our article on Gen Z – the youngest generation in the workforce. There’s been much talk recently about Gen Z shifting the dynamics in the workplace, bringing many different demands and priorities with them. This article focuses on one particular issue that Gen Z are passionate about – business sustainability.  

Business sustainability refers to a forward-thinking approach to employee wellbeing, community wellbeing, environmental standards and a company’s wider societal impact.  

Key lesson:

If you want to remain a highly sought-after employer, then adapting to the expectations and priorities of Gen Z is key. Practicing business sustainability is one way a business can make themselves an attractive proposition.

Why read? 

This article offers insight into how business priorities can adapt to the new generations entering the workforce. It also provides statistics on sustainability and Gen Z’s priorities as they enter the working world. 

Read in full: Gen-Z are pushing for a greener approach to work and business sustainability: employers take note!

3. 12 reasons why corporate wellness programmes fail, according to industry insiders 

Third on our list, this popular article is a compilation of insights from 12 experts in the corporate wellness field, providing an authoritative round-up of the reasons why corporate wellness programmes fail. The blog questions why, despite businesses making significant investments, many are still failing to provide a return-on-investment. 

To recap: corporate wellness programmes are there to support the overall health and wellbeing of a company’s employees. It aims to help employees feel healthier, energised, and less likely to become ill. 

Key lesson: 

As David Sherman, Head of Wellbeing and Engagement at YuLife says: “Regular assessment is key. You need to assess how your people are responding to your wellbeing programme. Are they aware of it? Are they utilising it? If you’re offering any benefits, look at take-up. Ask for reports. Seek out engagement stats.”

Too often, businesses launch it, leave it and then wonder why it’s not delivering.

Why read? 

The article offers direct insights from experts in the industry, broken down into common problems, but also includes our own insightful suggested action points.

Read in full: 12 reasons why corporate wellness programmes fail, according to industry insiders 

4. Is it possible to find health insurance that covers HRT? 

A topic that has gained much attention in 2022 (and rightly so!) is how employers and businesses can better support staff going through the menopause. So it’s no surprise that number four on our list is a blog addressing the many enquiries we have received about access to Hormone Replacement Therapy through Business Health Insurance. We broke down the details of how you can access this in your policy and provide different ways of supporting your staff. 

Key lesson: 

The workplace has a huge role to play when it comes to looking after their female staff and protecting their health – 3.5 million women over the age of 50 make up the UK workforce!

Employers can help by offering: 

  • Remote/flexible working 
  • Adjustments to the workplace environment e.g., access to bathrooms, fans on desks 
  • An open and communicative space for understanding 
  • EAPs which include a wide variety of health and emotional support tools
  • Health Cash Plans – which assist with everyday health needs
  • Specialised designed products such as Bupa’s ‘Menopause Plan’ 
  • Feature rich insurance products such as International Health Insurance

Why read? 

This blog reveals why it’s so important to support staff going through the menopause and offers a range of ways that employers can help. 

Read in full: Is it possible to find health insurance that covers HRT? 

5. Top 4 borderless benefits for your international teams 

Our final most-read article discusses four benefits that can be offered to your global employees: 

  1. International Group Life Insurance 
  2. Cultural Training programmes 
  3. International Employee Assistance Programmes 
  4. International Group Income Protection 

This blog also explores the growing trend of UK businesses employing overseas workers and how this brings with it a complex mix of benefits and challenges.

UK organisations usually employee international staff in one, or more, of the following ways:

  • Remote working expatriate staff 
  • Remote working local nationals
  • Satellite offices in different countries
  • Leadership teams/employees with global mobility 

Key lesson: 

International benefits are usually a sizeable investment, so it’s vitally important that you get access to independent expert advice before taking the plunge. As an employee benefits consultant with international expertise, the advisors at Engage will ensure that you make a wise investment and gain maximum ROI – and we won’t charge you anything for our services.

Why read? 

This blog can be a great starting point for any business looking into international employee benefits. It details four specific benefits, providing clear explanations and reasons why you might invest in each. 

Read in full: Top 4 borderless benefits for your international teams 


Getting help from the experts 

This time of year marks a fantastic opportunity to review your existing employee benefits and health insurance plans. For first time buyers it’s an ideal time to start planning how you will best reward your staff – and ensure they remain happy, healthy and committed to giving their best. 

Enlisting the help of an employee benefits and healthcare broker will make this process much easier! 

At Engage Health Group, we ensure there are no nasty surprises within the details or your policies and work on your behalf to get you the best arrangement possible to protect your staff and business. 

Contact us at [email protected] or call +44 (0)1273 974419 for FREE no-obligation advice and support.

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