Health & Protection reveals highest-rated global health insurers

Health & Protection report

Industry magazine, Health & Protection, recently unveiled the highest-rated global health insurance providers as voted for by brokers and intermediaries in 2023.

The International Private Medical Insurance Report makes interesting reading for both customers and industry insiders alike. After all, brokers work with different providers on a daily basis and must constantly keep abreast of policy changes and new product enhancements. In other words, they know the topic only too well!

So, which insurers garnered five-star reviews? Read on to find out…

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The International Private Medical Insurance report

Health & Protection’s April 2023 report surveyed providers and advisers to create a detailed and unbiased analysis of the health and protection sector from both sides of the industry. More than 200 advisers, intermediaries, and brokers rated current services, with five global providers coming out on top with a five-star-rating:

  • April International
  • Cigna Global
  • Bupa Global
  • Expatriate Healthcare
  • William Russell

Health & Protection’s overall aim is for this report to act as a resource for brokers and advisers to assist their understanding of which providers operate in which sectors, the key proposition points, and how the market is evolving.

This blog post provides a brief summary of its findings. For more detailed coverage, access the full report here.


1. April International

April International was formed in 1988 as part of the April Group based in France. With its 2,400 employees, April International operates in 18 countries, covering 150,000 lives from more than 1,500 companies across more than 180 countries.

April International’s global health plans are available for individuals, small and medium businesses, and large corporations.

In the report, April International achieved the highest overall rating of 88.5.

The breakdown was as follows:

  • Appreciating and developing my business: 89
  • Claims handling: 86.6
  • Compliance support: 86.8
  • Ease of use of adviser-facing technology: 80.2
  • Quote and application support: 92.4
  • Speed of response to queries: 92
  • Staff expertise and problem solving: 93

What intermediaries had to say:

“Excellent provider which really cares for its customers.”

“Value for money, a great service to brokers and easy to understand products.”

“Friendly and approachable support.”


2. Cigna Global

In second place were Cigna Global, a Fortune 500 company with more than 73,000 employees and 94 million customers globally. It is part of the Cigna Group based in the US providing health insurance and managed care services. Cigna Global offers International Private Medical Insurance to individuals and organisations across more than 200 countries worldwide, paying more than 6 million claims each year.

Cigna Global’s overall score was 75.8.

The breakdown was as follows:

  • Appreciating and developing my business: 75.6
  • Claims handling: 77.6
  • Compliance support: 72.6
  • Ease of use of adviser-facing technology: 72.8
  • Quote and application support: 79.4
  • Speed of response to queries: 74.8
  • Staff expertise and problem solving: 78

What intermediaries had to say:

“Continue to lead the way with the strength of its provider network including CignaLinks.”

“Quick replies to questions and underwriting.”

“Stability, fastest turnaround times, and best broker support.”


3. Bupa Global

Bupa Global was formed as the International Health Insurance division of Bupa Group, based in the UK, with 79,000 employees and more than 31 million customers across the world. The international division covers 460,000 members in more than 190 countries and territories.

Bupa Global’s overall score came to 75.3.

What intermediaries had to say:

“Broad offering, easy onboarding, various products for different markets.”

“Their dedicated contacts ‘go above and beyond at all times.” 


4. Expatriate Healthcare

Expatriate Healthcare is an International Health Insurance provider based in Burgess Hill, established in 1997. It covers more than 100,500 customers in more than 182 countries. Alongside the iPMI services, Expatriate Healthcare also provides Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, and Income Protection. These are included for free as standard to all existing and new policyholders on their Group iPMI plans.

Expatriate Healthcare’s overall score came to 75.1, improving from last year’s 70.4!

The breakdown was as follows:

  • Appreciating and developing my business: 73
  • Claims handling: 76.4
  • Compliance support: 74.2
  • Ease of use of adviser-facing technology: 69.4
  • Quote and application support: 80
  • Speed of response to queries: 76.4
  • Staff expertise and problem solving: 76.4


5. William Russell

Rounding off with the final H&P five-star rating is William Russell, founded in 1992 to provide international health, life, and income protection services. With their 75-manned team, William Russell covers its members in more than 160 countries. Offering Global Health Insurance cover for individuals, families, as well as organisations and their employees, William Russell offers a range of cover for varying sizes of business.

William Russell’s overall score landed on a 75 – up from 73.8 last year.

The breakdown was as follows:

  • Appreciating and developing my business: 72.8
  • Claims handling: 78.2
  • Compliance support: 72.4
  • Ease of use of adviser-facing technology: 69.8
  • Quote and application support: 76.2
  • Speed of response to queries: 79.2
  • Staff expertise and problem solving: 76.2


Who will provide the best support for you?

Every international insurer will have its strengths and weaknesses. For example, some insurers are stronger in certain territories than others, and each customer has their own unique requirements. This means the best fit might not always be the highest rated service.

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