The rise of the global workforce and how to adapt

Global recruitment is expanding at a rapid pace as more and more companies cast their net across the widest possible talent pool.

We’ve previously discussed the pros and cons of hiring global remote workers, but in this article we look at some of the trends that are driving this change, plus offer a few simple tips on how to attract and retain the best people from the global recruitment pool.

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Drivers of the global recruitment trend

There are four main ways that a company could be growing its global workforce:

  1. Via expatriate workers (employees working overseas on assignment)
  2. Via international remote workers (remote staff working in different parts of the world)
  3. Via staff with a high degree of global travel 
  4. Via different divisions/branches/satellite offices around the world

But the number one driving factor today is the growth in hiring remote employees.

HSBC’s Future of Work study revealed that more than one-third (36%) of businesses are increasing the number of international remote workers outside of the local office, whilst over the next 3 years, 40% of companies are supporting increased flexibility over the office or country where their employees work. 

Companies are increasingly tapping into the global talent pool for a number of reasons. The main ones include:

  • Taking advantage of technological progress: enabling more fluid communication between teams and managers whilst opening up more opportunities for different duties that can be performed remotely. 
  • Adjusting to pandemic pressures: companies were forced to accelerate their plans to develop more remote-centric business models, and many have experienced benefits form the switch.
  • The growth of the digital sector: the capacity for digital innovation is endless and it’s this industry which is driving the global remote working boom.
  • Ease of global travel: we have seen a rise in digital nomads who are keen to travel the world and work all at the same time.
  • Responding to skills shortages: companies are struggling to find the ideal candidate with the appropriate set of skills, but looking further afield increases their chances of finding the perfect candidate. 

Waging the war for talent

There are a few key things you need to get right to attract – and retain – the best people:

  • Offer staff opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • Maintain communication links and technology to keep remote teams connected and maintain a positive work culture.
  • Constantly assess your staff’s needs by tracking HR data and hosting regular one-to-ones.
  • Research the locations you are hiring from, both for cultural familiarity and legal requirements
  • Have the right training and support in place to prepare staff and bridge any cultural differences. 
  • Provide the right combination of employee perks

For more detailed insight: Managing a global workforce the smart way in 2023. 

Getting your global benefits package right

A guaranteed solution to successfully attracting the best talent across the world is to establish the right approach to your international employee benefits offerings. 

Here are some key global benefit schemes can be offered to employees wherever they are in the world: 

International Health Insurance 

Gives staff access to private healthcare anywhere in the world. With a single policy, businesses can cover all countries under one scheme in one single purchase, managing everything in on place. 

International Employee Assistance Programmes

IEAP’s are often included within an insurance policy, providing staff with tools to help manage wellbeing. But they can also be purchases separately. They are digital platforms which advice and services designed to support employee wellbeing e.g., one-to-one counselling, healthy eating guidance, virtual GP and more. 

Pre-Assignment Screening

Provides a series of checks to assess the suitable of an employee for working overseas or on expat assignments to boost success of expat and overseas assignments. 

Cultural Training 

Equips staff with knowledge and skills to improve communication across different cultures and countries, lowering the risk of offending others and avoiding misunderstandings. Staff can understand one another better and it helps bridge any gaps between different cultures within an organisation.

Group Travel Insurance 

For teams travelling on regular business trips and to reduce the burden on HR if issues are encountered along the way. Gives fast support and guidance for anything covered under the policy, including accidents, illnesses, lost possessions and travel cancellations. 

International Life Insurance

Once again, a single policy can cover multiple workers in several countries. International Life Insurance reassurance employees that their loved one’s have financial support should the worst happen.

Global Income Protection

A Global Income Protection scheme works alongside a country’s statutory sick pay rules, providing extra financial support when an employee falls ill. Regulations will vary from country-to-country and this product is designed to adapt accordingly. 

Going global the right way

If you’re a global business – or a business soon to embark on global recruitment – it’s important to ensure every employee, wherever they are in the world, feels valued and part of the team.

The international employee benefits and insurance market can involve significant expenditure, so it’s important to make the right choices. An independent global benefits broker can help ensure that your budget is spent in such a way that it provides meaningful support to employees and maximises ROI for the company itself.

At Engage Health Group, we have a huge global reach spanning 61 countries and territories. We can guarantee the best advice and deliver the most competitive quotes in the global healthcare and protection market to help support your remote international workers.

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